4923 Sweeper Scarab Minor

The subject of the advertisement is a SCARAB MINOR

Price: EUR: 9 500 net

Year: 2011
Power: 62 kW
Mileage: 65,454 km
Working hours: 9,034 hours

adjustable length of front brushes 180-230
length: 4.15 m
width: 2.00 m
height: 2.60 m
max. sweeping width: 230 cm
min. sweeping width: 180 cm

– brush spraying nozzles
– vacuum cleaner spray nozzles
– nozzles spraying water onto the brush
– possibility of sweeping the right or left side
– work lighting
– 500l water tank.
– on-board computer
– manual air conditioning
– rotating lights
– tachometer
– cruise control
– Power steering

We provide:
Vehicle service after purchase
Operational repairs of equipment purchased from us
Transport anywhere in the world

At your request, we will perform:
Replacing filters and oils in the car
Replacing filters and oils in the body

Additional service
As a leader on the Central European market specializing in the sale of municipal vehicles and equipment, we would like to offer you the benefit of our many years of experience in this field and the sale of unnecessary municipal equipment through us.

On your behalf, we will take care of:
– contact with the client in several foreign languages
– preparation of sales and post-sale documentation.
– organization of road and sea transport
– organization of customs documentation (customs clearance, Eur 1, T1)
– preparing the vehicle for sale

Possibility of leasing older vehicles, even 18 years old.