Renault Midlum truck
with a specialized body designed for washing municipal garbage cans

The subject of this announcement is a Renault Midlum truck
with a specialized body designed for washing municipal garbage cans.
Year: 2005
Mileage: 207246 km
Fuel: diesel

Length: 7m
Width: 2.5
Height: 3,8

electric windows
pneumatic seats
hydraulic power steering
engine brake
on-board computer
twin wheels
reversing camera
speed limiter
factory radio
reversing signal

Two washing cycles fast and long ( small/large garbage cans)
Automatic bin washing system
Controlling the device from inside and outside the vehicle
Possibility to set the function of automatic garbage can disinfection after the performed garbage can washing cycle
10L tank for disinfecting liquid
Automatic system of recycling dirty water into clean water in a closed circuit
Washing with cold or hot water
Internal and external washing of the container
Washing with side lance karcher 10m hose length
Two boilers for heating water
Water temperature at the outlet of the head pump 60 degrees Celsius
Pressure on the head pump between 220bar and 240bar
Capacity of clean water tank 3500l
Number of operating hours 943h
Dirty water tank
Solid waste tank with drains
Technical documentation

We provide:
Vehicle service after purchase
Operational repairs of the equipment purchased from us
Transportation to any place in the world

At your request we will perform:
Replacement of filters and oils in the car
Changing filters and oils in the body

Additional service
As a market leader in Central Europe specializing in the sale of municipal vehicles and equipment, we would like to offer you to take advantage of our many years of experience in this field and sell your redundant municipal equipment through us

We will take care of the following on your behalf:
– contacting the customer in several foreign languages
– Preparation of sales and after-sales documentation.
– organization of road and sea transportation
– Organization of customs documentation (customs clearance, Eur 1, T1)
– Preparation of the vehicle for sale

Possibility of leasing older vehicles, even 18 years old.

If you want to know more details contact us.