SCHMIDT Cleango 500 

SCHMIDT Cleango 500

Schmidt Cleango 500 sweeper
with 2-brush system.

Year 2013
Power: 120 kW
Mileage: 43 405 km

Engine work: 9,141 mh
Turbine operation: 6,157 mh
Brushes operation: 13,727 mh

length: 5.7 m
width: 2.05 m
height: 2.9 m

hydrostatic drive
rotary lamp
manual air conditioning
brush speed regulation
regulation of the pressure of the brushes
hydraulic adjustment of brush angles
hydraulic adjustment of the sweeping width
rear view camera
cruise control
nozzles for spraying brushes
MP3 USB radio

At your request, we will make:
– engine oil change
– oil change in the gearbox
– oil change in bridges
– replacement of filters